5 channel real-time vertical videos of continuous water flowing over varied terrains. Wires, circuitry, and electronics are mounted on clear acrylic so the inner workings are visible from the side. Screens are 10″ set in handmade aluminum frames with rubber edging. The work measures 6.25” W x 45.5” L x 3” D.

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Blue Cascade, 5 channel video + detail
front, Blue Cascade, vertical video stream
back, circuitry & electrical visible
handbuilt, mounted on clear plexi
Blue Cascade, detail

Green Gush, 5 channel video + detail
Green Gush, vertical video stream
Green Gush, detail

Daydream Trickle, 5 channel video + detail
Daydream Trickle, vertical video stream
Daydream Trickle, detail

Golden Flow, 5 channel video + detail
Golden Flow, vertical video stream
Golden Flow, detail

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